Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Endless Knot"

"Endless Knot" made from white oak.
Made two of these, this one for me(trial) and a the second for great friendz Elizabeth and Richard.
Added to hers was some brass shavingz(glitter).

Saturday, March 28, 2009


“Reflection” first came to me in a dream. Once fully awake I sketched and then drafted the plans. I have ‘bout 45 hours involved in the creating. Unseen is the neodymium magnets which hold the lids together. I notched and buried them in the two front cornerz of each lid and their corresponding surface before assembly. Basically an invisible magnetic latch. The woods used are cherry(china red), hickory(madeira gold) and walnut for the bowties. The 5/32” brass rod at the bottom was an after thought, just needed a little extra flair. This is a gift for my best friendz, (Mark & Dawn), 18th anniversary. Extremely fun to design and create!! Peace

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


“Discombobulate” was inspired by a clear plastic toy 3-D maze I had when I was little. It was about 2.5” cubed and used a .125” steel ball. This one uses 1” steel balls and is 7” cubed. There are 4 levels to get through before the ball will fall out. It does not open and does include a trap, which has been coined the “Marvin”.(Thanx Marvin for reminding me to put the trap in!!) Hickory for the cube and red oak for all of the cornerz, with black cherry and deep ebony respectively. My nephew Isaac received this for a belated birthday gift.